About Us

With the Citys and States help, we are bringing wastewater management in-house with an innovative system from Cambrian. Were excited to expand our production, and were proud to do our part to reduce pressure on the communitys water system. Compressing the revolutionary bioelectrically enhanced EcoVolt Reactor and the EcoVolt MBR into one, prefabricated module, the EcoVolt Mini is an all-in-one water reuse container. Designed for food and beverage producers that are generating under 15,000 20,000 gallons of wastewater a day, the Mini rapidly removes over 99.9 percent of pollutants and solids from the waste stream, producing reusable water and renewable biogas. The system is designed to be automated, cutting down on operating expenses and saving businesses the headache of dealing with their wastewater. This project is the result of a strong collaboration to adopt and implement the right solution not only for NUBC, but also the community, said Cambrian CEO Matthew Silver. The EcoVolt Minis compact design brings our EcoVolt product line to smaller-scale operations that still want the big benefits of advanced wastewater treatment. At current levels, the waste stream resulting from the NUBC brewing process uses a significant amount of the industrial capacity in the City of Dexters municipal wastewater treatment system, preventing new food, beverage, or agricultural businesses from setting up operations in Dexter. This venture between Cambrian and NUBC, which will knock down barriers to business growth within the region, is funded in part by the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) through the Strategic Growth Initiative Grant Program.


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